One of the most romantic moments in history was also one of the biggest moment in Art. An Artist Marina Abromovic gets an unexpected fan whom she hasn’t seen in over 30 years show up in front of her very own eyes. Watch the video and continue reading to understand the precious moment captured as the art exhibit reunites lovers after 30 years.

Back in the 1970’s Marina was known for her outrageous performances. For instance she once sat with a few objects and left it up for the fans to come along and do whatever it was they wanted to do to her with these objects. She admitted some horrifying things, people using the thorns of the roses laid out to poke her and hurt her. Stating “If you leave it up to the people they will kill you. Once she met lover Ulay, the two made it an art duo performing even stranger performances. The two sat connected by the lips breathing in to each others mouths. Inhaling and exhaling only eachother’s air till they passed out. I’m assuming this was a demonstration of how love can kill without the proper breathing space. Space they received when the two decided to split back in the 1980’s.

The last display of affection these two had was at The Great Wall of China. Both decided to walk from opposite ends and meet in the middle where they said their goodbyes. 30 years later the Marina was asked to perform in the atrium of The Museum of Modern Art in New York. The Art Exihbit reunites lovers after the 30 years as Ulay surprises Marina and sits in front of her. Pretending to be one of the fans coming to see “The Artist Is Present ” and stare across a table to the Artist. Love and tears filled the face of The Artist leaving an imprint of Art and Love in the Museum of Modern Art

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