It was go hard or go home for this Chicago inmate. Michael Buckner was about to be transported via ambulance to a hospital after having an issue at the jail when he escaped from custody and stole the ambulance. He almost got away until he crashed the ambulance–100 miles away. Click more to check out the video!

If you ask me, this sounds like a well thought out plan to escape jail all together. Its something you would see in a movie and something that has probably been attempted over and over again. An inmate reported having medical issue in jail and they were not able to treat him there. He was restrained and was being prepared for transport to a nearby hospital.

Buckner was able to free himself from the restraints and took off in an ambulance. The craziest thing about this story is how far he was able to get. Buckner reportedly drove 100 miles from Chicago to Wisconsin. SAVAGE MOVE right there! Unfortunately for Buckner, he crashed the ambulance and was eventually caught by police BUT, not before he attacked three of them! Sheesh, talk about going out swinging.

The Escape…

I just need someone to answer one question after watching this video. How was Buckner able to drive 100 miles without being caught? How does that happen? On a serious note though, we don’t know what the crime he committed to get in jail in the first place, so its great that he was caught–even if it was 100 miles away from the Chicago jail he was in.