Boston sports stars, Rob Gronkowski of the Patriots and David Ortiz of the Red Sox, went to work for one of their endorsers in an unlikely way. The duo starred in a Dunkin Donuts music video about iced coffee! Click more to check out the video!

With all the controversy surrounding Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, its like a breath of fresh air to see another Patriot in the headlines for something good. Rob Gronkowski was alongside the Red Sox’s David Ortiz in their world premier music video. The duo could be heard rapping? Singing? I’m not really sure what to call it but they were doing it in the video! LOL! Check it out below:

David Ortiz X Rob Gronkowski X Dunkin Donuts…

What I do want to know is, who wrote this song and who thought auto-tune was the way to go? Lyrics in this song were only meant to be fun and to obviously market the DD iced coffee so, DD you guys get a pass. Both Ortiz and Gronkowski are definitely having a good time in the video and they just might have some people buying iced coffee this summer. Nonetheless, this was a great move for the city of Boston and it gave fans a chance to see two of the biggest athletes in a different light.


Source: Bleacher Report