Money long. Clearly that is an under statement when talking about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Kanye’s birthday is today and Kim decided to rent out the entire Staples Center for him and his friends to hoop! Click more to check out the video and gallery!

This is the type of birthday gift I want! Seriously, Kim gets a million points for this one. Kanye and his friends tagged along for a trip to the Staples Center in Los Angeles where they were met by The Laker Girls (Dancers) and granted full access to the court!

Kim only spent about $110,000 so her husband and friends could get some games in! Slight, LOL! One pretty dope thing about this entire event was the Jerseys! Kim played on the NBA’s East and West Conferences and obviously had Kanye sport the West side jersey while the other team wore East Jerseys! Dope Sh*t, Kim! The birthday surprise didn’t stop there though. Kim also had John Legend in the arena to bless Kanye with a happy birthday song.

John Legend Sings For Kanye…

With the Lakers not making the playoffs and the Clippers falling to Houston in the second round, I’m sure Staples officials were happy to get that check for $110K! Along with John Legend, Kim’s sisters and friends were also in attendance. How can Ye top this for Kim’s birthday though?


Source: @darrenrovell