We all know Bey Stops the world! “World STOP!.. Carry on” .. like her famous new quotes that she lives up to. The world stopped alright, when they heard that Beyonce had an announcement that would air at 8 am on Good Morning America. Everyone expected a tour date , a new album date a new video, something! Wait until you see the reaction the Bey Hive and other fans had after they find out it was only a Vegan Announcement.

We already heard about Beyonce’s super cool diet that she has been promoting. The fact that they made such a dramatic promotion and had Beyonce fans wide awake at 8 am waiting to hear the news upset and let down fans to the point where her own Bey Hive attacked . We all know Beyonce has the biggest , up until now most loyal fan base known as the Bey Hive.

Check out the gallery to see pictures of upset fans after Beyonce’s Vegan Announcement. The Bey Hive along with other angry fans aggressively swarmed the Instagram of the star with food emoji’s poking fun at choice to be a Vegan. But do they have a problem with her being a Vegan ? or was it really the hype behind the vegan announcement that had everyone upset. Although now there are many vegan lifestyle supporters who have reached out thanking Beyonce , no one was happy this morning .

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