Its always great to see athletes going back to school and furthering their education. It definitely speaks volumes to their character and also shows just how much of a role model athletes can be. Dwade stepped up to the plate and finished a business course at Harvard University!

Not being in the post season this year, it looks like Dwade has plenty of time to branch off into other things outside of being on the court. We watched Dwade try his hand at being an NBA analyst in this year’s NBA Finals and he did a pretty good job. In between calling games, Dwade was on Harvard’s campus taking a business course!

Dwade was attending Harvard’s The Business of Entertainment, Media, and Sports class. The course consists of focusing on challenges of managing talent in various platforms including entertainment, sports figures, as well making successful business strategies. What does Dwade have up his sleeve once he is done balling?

It would be pretty dope to watch an ex-athlete manage someone else’s career whether it be sports or entertainment. Dwade already has great connections based off of his already successful career, so any client(s) he takes up would definitely be in great hands.

The course lasted four days and Dwade finished up today! Shout out to him for the accomplishment!