Kerry Washington will be starring in the new HBO film called ‘Confirmation’ playing the outstanding African American attorney Anita Hill.

Looks like Kerry Washington will be working for the government once again but this time as a plaintiff instead of the fixer. The film ‘Confirmation’ is a tele-pic based in 1991 about Anita Hill, the attorney who sued Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas for sexual harassment, victim rights, and race relations. This case was seen by the whole world and brought a lot of judgement.

Washington who is also a executive producer on the film went to Instagram to share her excitement of the start of the production. She wrote,

“Dear @HBO, Thank you for the profound opportunity of getting to inhabit Anita Hill and help tell this story! Yours Truly, K-Dub (aka super excited Exec Producer) #Confirmation

Kerry Washington is an amazing actress that knows how to make her character come to live. There is no better fit for the lawyer role then Ms.Sandal herself. Hopefully this film will have the same effect as the case did on people in 1991. HBO picked a great time to start this project with the way the world is acting lately.

Chantel.Ciera: Twitter