A woman in Houston died in a terrible car accident while chasing her husband who was apparently with his mistress in another car. The Husband and Mistress were not injured, however, another victim was flown to a nearby hospital.

According to reports, Nancy Acosta, was fed up with her husband seeing another woman and after an argument, her husband left the house and she chased him while his mistress rode along with him. Someone close to the family told reporters that the relationship between the two was strained and that the husband would only come home to shower and eat and he often neglected their three children. Sheesh!

Authorities on the scene say the woman was hitting excessive speeds on the Houston roads when she bumped her husband’s car and swerved into oncoming traffic. She ultimately came head on with another vehicle and she died on the spot. The man operating the other vehicle was airlifted to a local hospital, Memorial Hermann, and is said to be in critical condition but is expected to survive.


Unfortunately, there have been no reports of the husbands reaction to his wife’s death or even if he stuck around after the accident for that matter. Acosta left behind three children, who a friend said their father does not help with. Apparently, Nancy Acosta was a doctor in El Salvador and she came to the United States to be with her husband. Damn, now that is unfortunate.


Source: KHOU