Ever made a mistake when sending an email and been like ‘Damn, I wish this was like social media and delete that message before anyone see’s it’?? Well a feature that’s been in Google labs is finally becoming apart of the gmail system permanently that will allow you to erase that email after it’s sent…as long as you realize it FAST!!!!

Tat Wza

What if you ‘replied all’, but meant to send to one person, or said somethings you said out of hast, well you will have up to 30 seconds(between 10 and 30) to stop it. Once you have this option it can be set up in the settings section under ‘general'(mine hasn’t shown up yet, but these things roll out bit by bit), set the time(I’d go max 30 seconds if I were you).

The way to use it is once you see that yellow bar that tells you ‘message sent’, there will be an option that will let you ‘undo’ the message sent. This could very well save lives(at least work lives) IF your a fast thinker!!