Following his racially-charged rant during his announcement for Presidential candidacy, the backlash continues for Donald Trump.

His derogatory statements toward Mexican immigrants have thus far caused Univision to pull out of his Miss America pageant, and NBC severing all ties with him – which included his long-running show, The Apprentice, as well as the Miss USA and Miss Universe Pageants. Now the latest includes Flo’Rida and Macy’s.

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TMZ reports on Flo:

Flo Rida has joined the Miss USA exodus, telling TMZ he won’t be performing at the upcoming pageant. .. He was supposed to perform during the evening gown competition.

And CNN on Macy’s:

“Macy’s is pulling Donald Trump brand merchandise from its stores after the Republican presidential candidate’s recent controversial remarks created a public uproar. In a statement Wednesday morning, Macy’s said the company “stands for diversity” and that it had no tolerance for discrimination.”

Yeah…good luck on that run for President, bro.