Talk about giving zero f*cks! A couple of employees of the US Marshals Service were caught in the act of having sex on the roof of a Pennsylvania federal building. The couple were caught by a nearby resident of an apartment who snapped photos of the couple and sent them to news local organization, WHTM-TV who in turn reported them to authorities. Get all the details and photos after the jump.

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In fear of a possible security breach, a nearby apartment resident snapped a few photos of a couple having sex on the roof of the PA federal courthouse building. According to the resident they have seen the couple on the roof around the same time for quite a few weeks.

US Marshal Martin J. Pane released a statement Thursday confirming those involved were indeed employees. He said the matter is under investigation. The photos taken by the clearly fed up neighbor, feature the couple getting busy.

According to courthouse officials, they insist that the security of the building has not been breached despite the recent events. Spokesperson Tony Nelson said, “Given this fact, the incident is under further investigation and it will be handled in accordance with USMS policy. In the meantime, we are confident that the security integrity of the courthouse is intact.”

Check out the photos in the gallery.

Source NYPost