Welp, Nicki Minaj is clapping back at her haters once again! It seems like the Young Money emcee has always felt the need to stick up for herself via social media. For years, haters have gone in on Minaj for her alleged plastic surgery on her… well everywhere. Earlier today, Nicki had enough of the outrageous memes that have been circulating throughout social media and vented her feelings for everyone to see. Find out what she said after the jump!

If you’re addicted to social media like we are, then you’ve definitely seen the slanderous memes that poke fun at Nicki Minaj’s alleged plastic surgery. We’ve seen numerous “before” photos which portray Minaj prior to her international fame. Not only does the “Feelin’ Myself” rapper dismiss the photos, but she basically told the creator(s) of the memes to “give up on life.”

“If u ever get to a point where u photo shop someone to make them look “unattractive” using someone else’s body Ima need u to give up on life,” Nicki said in her lengthy caption.

That’s not all Nicki had to say. Check out the rest of her rant as well as the memes in question in the gallery!!

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