It’s that time of year again for football fans as the anticipation of the new season fills the air. That means training camps are finally under way and there ALWAYS are fights during these hot summer practices. Hot days combined with ego’s, testosterone and physical contact pretty much guarantees a couple fights will pop off over the course of the next few weeks. At Cowboys practice, Dez Bryant must still be amped up over his new contract because he was out there throwing punches already.


Just days after signing a $70 million deal — this after threatening to hold out if he didn’t get paid — the wide receiver was getting into it on the practice field with a teammate, reportedly even throwing a punch.

Sunday’s fracas was a double case of Cowboy-on-Cowboy crime, as both Bryant and his antagonist, cornerback Tyler Patmon, went to Oklahoma State, although not at the same time. The pair subsequently made nice with each other, but not before giving Dallas beat writers something about which to get excited.

Finally, quarterback Tony Romo came over and said something to Bryant, which apparently calmed the wide receiver down. The practice session concluded shortly thereafter, and to the cheers of the crowd, Bryant and Patmon embraced.

Asked by Dallas sports host Mike Fisher if he was getting “too animated,” Bryant responded, “Nope, this is me. I love this game. I love competing. I’m very prideful.” Regarding Patmon, Bryant told Fisher, “He wasn’t going to back down. I wasn’t going to back down. [But] we shook hands, we hugged, we respect one another.”

These fights in training camp really mean nothing so I am sure everything will be just fine with Dez.