It was supposed to be a day of peaceful protests in memory of Mike Brown, an unarmed black teen that was gunned down by a white police officer this time last year. However things turned violent after a police officers shot and critically injured a man who fired at them during the gathering in Ferguson, Mo.

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According to police the shooting started after to rival groups began firing at each other, one of the group members following the shots began running through a parking lot and was spotted by police. Four plainclothes police officers were in an unmarked vehicle, turned on their lights and sirens and drove toward the man. The man, who has yet to be identified, opened fire on the police car. Officers inside the vehicle fired back and continued their pursuit on foot.Between the four officers and the unidentified victim, dozens of shots where fired and the man was hit in the back and fell to the ground. Police recovered the gun, which was identified as stolen.

The unidentified victim has been described as approximately 20 years old and in critical condition. The officers involved were placed on administrative leave.

Source ABC