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Robert Griffin III was recently quoted saying he’s not only the best quarterback on his team, but in the NFL.  Well now he’s not even the starting QB on his team.  Washington Redskins coach Jay Gruden announced today that Kirk Cousins is the starter going forward.

“Kirk Cousins will be the starter for 2015, moving forward,” Gruden said. “It’s Kirk’s team.”

“Robert’s done some great things, no question. We have total faith in all three of them,” Gruden said. “We just feel like Kirk has earned the right to be the starting quarterback in 2015.”

Amid talk that owner Dan Snyder was pushing for the team to keep Griffin while the football people wanted to move on, Gruden said that starting Cousins is his call, but Snyder has always supported his calls.

“Mr. Snyder has been nothing but supportive of this football team,” Gruden said. “All Mr. Snyder wants to do is win.”

Gruden said the team does not plan to release Griffin, has he has not decided whether Griffin will be the second-string quarterback, or whether McCoy will be second and Griffin third. All he’ll say for sure is that Cousins is the starter, and will remain the starter.

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source: ProFootballTalk