Due to the city of New York lacking the custodial personnel, virtually cause the city doesn’t want to invest the money in hiring people, the current janitors are, both figuratively and literally, cleaning house.

Average NYC School Janitor Makes $109k A Year

City payroll documentation convey custodians generated an average pay of $109,467 in the 2013-14 school year and 634 of the city’s 799 custodians earned more than $100,000 in salary and overtime during that time. This is cause out of the city’s 1,500 school buildings, 238 have no full-time custodian on site, generating up to 74 percent from the 137 empty slots in 2012. This has resulted in one-third of all custodians to cover two schools and reap all the benefits of additional pay.

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 891 president Robert Troeller spoke on the current event. “The city is not saving much money because they’re paying my members to be at both places. I don’t know why they’re not hiring. It’s ridiculous.”

Custodians are quite multi-facet. They possess licenses to operate and maintain a school building, including credentials for boilers, heating/air conditioning and fire sprinklers and alarms.

Jason Fink of the Department of Education says the schools have adequate, qualified staff members that perform all job duties.

Average NYC School Janitor Makes $109k A Year