Michael Vick did his time in jail, apologized numerous times, and has done work to improve animal rights.  Still people won’t let up and continue to attack him about the dogfighting.  Well his good friend Snoop Dogg says enough is enough.

Snoop is a HUGE Pittsburgh Steelers fan — and was asked by Complex Sports how he felt about Vick taking over the team, considering the controversy that still surrounds his 2007 dogfighting conviction.

Snoop’s response was pretty strong …

“I love Vick. Before he got to the Steelers. I loved him when he caught the case, [and] after he caught the case. Mistakes are made to be made. I mean, he did his time. What y’all gonna do hold it over his head forever?”

He continued, “It’s over with. He’s been punished, he’s been banned from the league, he came back, he’s on the good foot, he ain’t been around dogs, he ain’t do nothing like that.”

“He’s been about the positivity and that’s what’s wrong with people. We always judge people about what we did as opposed to what we’re doing. I love him to death whether he’s a Steeler or not. He’s a friend of mine.”

I agree, I think it’s time to move on…

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