What is a rap cypher without the best lyricists there are ? This years Hip Hop Awards for B.E.T was closed out by some of the best battle rappers of this generation. Smack White of URLtv Joined Snoop Dog this year as they celebrated Hip Hop with some of the best acts and cyphers.

The B.E.T Awards have made it a tradition to allow different groups of M.C’s to perform old school cyphers. Everyone from Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Joe Budden down to The House Husbands of Hollywood have had their shot at a cypher. The Tradition then became to let the best of battle rap close out the show with a live cypher performance. This year representing for Battle Rap was DNA, K Shine , Charlie Clips, T Top and Rain. All of these men have had an impecable year in their careers and it was only right to have them put on for all Battle Rappers.

DNA & K shine who have joined forces and been traveling the world as a battle rap duo were up hyping up the crowd with their Kid & Play dance move after T Top The UFF Champion (B.E.T Ultimate Freestyle Friday) set off the 2015 cypher. Charlie Clips who just won one of his biggest battles of his career against Loaded Lux. Rain being the man behind all the URLTv Beats returned for another year in the B.E.T

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