_(Photos) Kevin Hart Responds Back To Sony Calling Him A "Whore"

It looks like funny man Kevin Hart isn’t all jokes and laughs all the time.

The comedian was at a Canadian strip club called Le Pigale in Quebec when he and his security were trying to make an exit. Apparently they pushed through the crowd, bumping into the house security at the venue and angering them.

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The in-house security began to push back and a scuffle began in the street between both sides of bouncers. Kevin Hart noticed a fan recording the ordeal on his cell phone and ended up grabbing the phone, throwing it and breaking it (all caught on tape).

Also in the video, you can see a pissed off waitress running up to Kevin’s car because he stiffed her for a $65 tab. However, the owner of the club issued a statement saying that Kevin is “a good man” and that the whole thing was a big misunderstanding. He’s also apparently going to cover the tab and hopefully give the waitress a nice hefty tip.

Check out the video via TMZ here.

Source: TMZ