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This seriously needs to stop, like yesterday. Connecticut police reported a call from a gunman himself claiming he was headed to an elementary school armed with a rifle and ready to kill children. Literally a few minutes later, two more calls came in from unidentified sources stating that their were bombs at two high schools as well. The sources were apparently “unverifiable” but no risk were taken as police shutdown seventeen schools near the area.

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I don’t know about you but this consistent barrage of weapon violence entering these school systems is getting out of hand; schools are becoming more and more unsafe. Connecticut Police swarmed frantically to more than a dozen Connecticut schools Friday after receiving two bomb threats and a harrowing call about a gunman headed to an elementary school with a rifle. This tip about a possible massacre to occur led to the lockdown early Friday of all 17 public schools and most of the 27 private schools in Fairfield. Authorities received a call after 9 a.m. saying a man was on his way to Holland Hill Elementary School with an M16 rifle, Fairfield police Lt. Yeah not just any gun, a M16, yo where’s the chill? It doesn’t stop there of course, Two other phone calls came in about the same time saying there were bombs throughout Fairfield Ludlowe High School and Fairfield Warde High School. Luckily the police department here was not here for the bs and was quick to act, in doing so, most of the schools were dismissed early, surrounded by heavy police presence. Police believe the series of “threats of violence” are likely linked to each other.

Later today the Police received at least three calls from different people saying they were “involved” in the threats shortly after the lockdown was issued. Parents were asked to stay home but could report to the Fairfield Prep parking lot with concerns, but the department acknowledged parents’ fear and anxiety but urged patience as it might take hours to reunite them with their children. About six schools were still on lockout by 3 p.m! Frankly I don’t blame them, the situation was all too risky. One of the strangest part of it all was that this occurred almost on the same day as the Sandy Hook shooting three years ago. Schools are becoming more and more of a target nowadays, this needs to stop. Look further into the story below:

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