On Thursday night Chance was performing at Electric Factory, a show that D.R.A.M. and producer Metro Boomin were suppose to make but couldn’t because they had gotten held up at the Canadian border. According to Layla A. Jones, at philly.com the vibe was incredible and unavoidable. Chance opened with ” Everybody’s Something,” off of his Acid Rap tape.

Xavier- Twitter
Source- Philly.com

“I’m Chance The Rapper and I’m here to do some songs off my mixtape Acid Rap.”

The crowd went crazy. When you looked around you could see the clouds of smoke in the air as Chance performed each song. The love felt in the building was incredible

“Chance held a rap concert, yes, but moments like these radiated powerful positivity … almost like church”

“For every moment of sweetness, there was one of let-loose dancing. For every moment of snark, there was one of introspection. And with that, Chance the Rapper’s “Family Matters” tour was intentional and complete.”

Chance proved to be a versatile entertainer, and the passion he has truly shown through his music and performances. Chance puts himself in his music and you can hear it, it’s rare when you have an artist willing to put their heart on their sleeve in most of their music but when they do the outcome is amazing.