IFWT_ Andre Smith
On Thursday Night Andre Smith of Bogan High School took a huge hit on the last play of the game against Chicago Vocational High. After the hit, Smith walked off the field and collapsed, only to pass away yesterday morning at Advocate Christ Medical Center.

Smith, 17, is the seventh high school player to die in 2015. Whoa! It might seem wild but according to Huffington Post, that number is on par with previous years.

Eric Smith, Brother of Andre, told ABC7 Chicago his brother was still breathing when he got to to the hospital:

“When I got here he was still breathing, you know. So I guess that kind of game me a sign of hope that everything was going to be OK with him.”

An autopsy has not yet been conducted, but Chicago Public Schols released this statement:

“For all of us at Chicago Public Schools, are hearts are heavy and saddened this morning to learn that one of our student athletes at Bogan High School has Passed away”


Football as a sport has come under fire in recent years because of head trauma to players and the affects the hits have on post playing life, but as Andre’s Stepfather, Dwayne Smith explained, parents are inclined to let their children do what they love.

“You understand the risk, but it’s a game, you know, it’s a game. The Kids have played this for years.”


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Source: ABC7Chicago