Identical twins in Georgia were denied their learners permits at a Georgia DMV face recognition failure prevented them from even getting past the clerk to take their tests.

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Alicen and Alicia Kennedy, 15, were excited to go into their local Department of Motor Vehicles in Georgia to be tested for their learner’s permits after studying extremely hard to ensure they passed. The ladies had not prepared themselves for the obstacle ahead of them.

One twin took her picture and once the other went to take her picture an error message appeared on the screen disabling the clerk from moving forward with the permits. Apparently the face recognition system that the DMV uses to identify a potential fraud detected the second twin’s face as fraudulent because they are identical. Because of this unforeseen circumstance the ladies were not allowed to move forward since they look too much alike.

According to ABC News, the Georgia Department of Driver Services contacted the twins, telling their mother they could go get the permits anytime without having to wait after their story aired.

Luckily for the ladies they won’t have to wait an extra year for their licenses and their studying will not be in vain.

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