German bred rapper ‘Deso Dogg’ turned ISIS associate was killed earlier this month serving the Islamic State. Find the full story after the jump.

Denis Cuspert, or as many know him- Deso Dogg, died in the line of so called duty earlier this month during a U.S airstrike in Syria. The rapper turned ISIS employee who traded in the mic for an RPG in 2012, was killed on Oct. 17, multiple news outlets reported on Thursday.

Deso was traveling in a car with two other people. Dogg was the main target, although he was not considered to be a high-value member of the terrorist group. German law officials as well as intelligence officials had their eyes on Cuspert for a long time now as a leader of ISIS’ German-speaking contingent.

Deso Dogg recorded three albums for a Berlin based “gangsta” record label before making some noise in the industry. Back in 2010, Deso Dogg actually toured with DMX and scored a sort of minor hit with his song “Willkommen in meaner Welt” (Welcome to my World). Some of the lyrics could have been a bit foreshadow-ey when he raps “Welcome to my world full of hate and blood. Children’s souls weep softly when the black angels sing.” Well then…can’t say it’s much of a surprise ISIS took a liking to him.

Deso wasn’t always so violent though. In 2010, he converted to Islam after a near fatal car accident and clearly hasn’t been the same since. It was in 2012 that Dogg left Germany for Egypt, before he inevitably made his way to Syria to join Al Qaeda. Once the Islamic State disembodied themselves from the terrorist group behind 9/11, Dogg pledged his allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Last November, Dogg took part in numerous propaganda videos for the Islamic State which were ultimately taken down. Dogg was seen with other ISIS associates who shot one man and decapitated another. The video didn’t show Dogg killing anyone, but just him holding the severed head of an apparent ISIS enemy. Deso Dogg has been on the radar of German counter-terrorism investigators since 2012.