Ja Rule has given the world a different side of him to see. He recently has been showing his family man side to the world as he just released his new reality show “Follow The Rules,” that is playing on MTV at 9PM on Monday nights.

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During a recent interview with Vibe Magazine, he talked about his love for his family. He also started to talk about his son and how he has a fear of cops. With everything going on today with cops not only killing innocent children but also getting away with it, you can’t really blame his son for the fear.
Ja Rule says he told his son,

I work too hard for you to feel that way, yo. That’s why you live in this house and in this neighborhood – because I don’t want you to feel like that, yo. You shouldn’t have to feel like how I felt growing up. Looking over your shoulder every five minutes for the police when you[‘re] driving cars, looking in your rearview [mirror] to make sure they ain’t behind you and s***.’ He shouldn’t have to feel like that.”

Ja Rule also talked about the long lived beef between him and 50 cent. He said that the two no longer have beef.

“We are two young, Black men that came from the bottom, that came from nothing & was able to make something of our lives, make something of ourselves and feed our families and give other young Black men an opportunity. You know, give them jobs and s*** to help their families. So for me that’s breaking the cycle.”

Ja Rule gave very encouraging advice to readers telling them to work hard and to stay away from the “Crab in a bucket mentality.”