The Biebs broke news yesterday on his Twitter & Instagram about assisting in Drake’s current chart topper’s remix! He even gives fans a hotline to bling, check it after the jump!

With Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ currently occupying the number 2 spot on the charts and with Justin Bieber’s long awaited Purpose album about to drop in 2 weeks, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for the two fellow Canadian pop stars to collaborate with one another to propel into even a higher realm of stardom than they are already in.

Frankie Zing: Twitter ll Instagram

We’ve all become aware that Drake has never had a solo number one hit record, despite all the chart success he’s achieved. We also know that October’s Very Own has been gunning for it in it’s respective month. Well, with The Weeknd’s “The Hills” currently sitting at the number one spot, ‘Hotline Bling’ has failed to give Drake what he most currently desires – his first solo number one record.

With much anticipation that it was in fact going to dethrone “The Hills”, it failed to do so. What’s left to do for Drake? Bling The Biebs! Now if the remix does hit number one, it won’t be Drizzy’s first solo number one, but none the less a number one record. But not so fast….Adele is back.

With her single “Hello” expecting to grab the number one spot and retain it for a bit of time, Drake & Justin Bieber do have an obstacle to overcome if they want that number one spot. Time will tell? The remix to the current cha-cha anthem is reportedly supposed to drop in the coming days if not today. Below Justin gives us all a hotline to bling with a surprise on the other end!

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