Matthew Knowles no longer seems to be on the greener side of the grass since his split from managing his daughter Beyonce Knowles Carter and his divorce from her mother Tina. After having an 18-mo affair that led to him losing his family and gaining a lovechild, 5-year old Nixon Knowles, Matthew may just find himself behind bars. Apparently he owes his estranged baby mama $40K in back child support, and she says she will send him to prison for contempt if he does not pay up!

See her interview and get a glimpse of Beyonce’s brother after the jump!

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The trailer park she claims to live in looks pretty lavish based on her background, just saying. Is she going these great lengths because he’s Beyonce’s dad or because she actually wants Matthew to play his role? It’s hard to tell since she take every open opportunity to run to the media. What do you think of her antics? Let us know in the comments below!