Faisal Mohammad was killed Wednesday after stabbing four students as classes began at The University of California. The cops shot Mohammad killing him upon arrival.

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A handwritten manifesto was found on Mohammad. Mohammed wrote that he was going to behead someone and also had as many as five reminders to “Praise Allah.” Authorities say that they do not think religion or terrorism played a part in this attack. He wrote out a outlined plan on how he was going to kill his victims.

Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke told FoxNews some of the steps that were included in the written manifesto.

“No. 27 was to ‘make sure people are tied down,’ No. 28 was “sit down and praise Allah,’I remember seeing four or five times, scribbled on the side of the two-page manifesto, where he wrote something like ‘praise Allah.’”

They have not yet released the manifesto but it probably will be within the next few days. The attack began at about 8am. Mohammed walked into class carrying an 8-inch hunting knife. Mohammed had been interrupted by a construction team and then police. The interruption was well needed because more people probably would have been hurt.

Warnke says that there was no sign of Mohammad committing these crimes because he was a terrorist.

“There was nothing to indicate he was doing this because of Allah, or because he was going to be rewarded with 72 virgins, or because of ties to a terror group. He appeared to be a devout Muslim, on the strong side of the belief.”

Byron Price, the construction worker who intervened while Mohammad was stabbing people said,

“He had a smile on his face, he was having fun, which is more the thing that bothers me.”

The construction workers were about to hit Mohammad with a ladder when he ran away. Price was actually stabbed in the abdomen. After being hospitalized he is okay and has returned back to work.

Warnke says that the manifesto shows that Mohammad was clearly upset that he had been kicked out of a study group. The other victims will survive. Surprisingly, Mohammad’s family has not come forward yet. Mohammad had just turned 18 in October.