Blood might be thicker than water but to these NFL fans, it isn’t thicker than your favorite team! Three actual brothers were arrested last night after getting into a fight in the stands with each other. Apparently one of them is an Eagles fan and the other two are Cowboys fans and once alcohol and who knows what else was added to the situation, it led to someone getting knocked out.


The video of their brawl went viral hours after the game — most people thought they were just opposing fans, but TMZ Sports has learned they were blood. Arlington cops tell us they’ll all be charged with different degrees of assault. Meet the bros:

– Jorge Castillo punched his brother, Ignacio and got arrested for misdemeanor assault with bodily injury.

– Jose Castillo was arrested for simple assault with provocative contact and failure to obey a police officer.

– Ignacio Castillo was not arrested, yet and only because he’s laid up in a hospital. Cops say he’ll be charged with felony assault on an officer for allegedly spitting blood on a cop trying to stop the fight.

Thanksgiving in their household will be interesting to say the least.