As bad as the terrorist acts in Paris were yesterday, it actually could have even been worse. A suicide bomber attempted to enter Stade de France, where inside, France was taking on Germany in a matchup of the two national teams. The bomber actually had a ticket to the game but when security frisked him they felt he had on a vest full of explosives and he tried to back away. At that point he detonated the bomb.


The guard—who asked to be identified only by his first name, Zouheir—said the attacker was discovered wearing an explosives vest when he was frisked at the entrance to the stadium about 15 minutes into the game. France was playing an exhibition against Germany inside. As security started to move in, the attacker detonated the vest, which was loaded with explosives and bolts, according to Paris prosecutor François Molins.

Shortly after, another suicide bomber blew himself up outside the stadium, while another detonated explosives at a nearby McDonald’s. One person was killed between the three bombings. Police suspect the initial man wanted to get into the game so his explosive vest could do more damage with more people within close range of each other.

Both of the explosions outside of the stadium could clearly be heard on television as the game went on inside.

Our prayers go out to everyone in Paris and around the world who was affected by this tragedy. Thankfully some stadium security guards did what they could to not allow things to be even worse off.