Dre son x Eazy son

The [not-so-shocking] but still pretty surprising news of Charlie Sheen’s HIV status was announced this week and after years of keeping his disease a secret, Sheen finally came out and told the world he is indeed HIV positive.

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The son of the late rapper Eazy-E – who passed away back in 1995 from the AIDS virus – spoke out on Sheen’s medical condition and compared him to his deceased father. He said that although Sheen and his rap legend father were in a very similar situation as far as the money, fame, and loads of women are concerned, he thinks Sheen is way better off as far as medical advancements that exist now for treating the virus.

Lil Eazy also says that Sheen is lucky due to the fact he will be able to watch his children grow up unlike his father who passed away when he was only 10 years old.

Such a sad situation all around.

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Source: TMZ