Lil Mama has been receiving the most shade of all time. Her shade has been going on ever since she hopped on stage during Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’s “Empire State of Mind” performance at the 2009 MTV Awards. In a recent interview with VLADTV, Lil Mama spoke about how that one performance has changed how people view her. She also went on to say she felt dissed by the two.

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Mama said she apologized many times for her interaction with their performance and still got bashed by people. She compared herself to Chris Brown who people still judge for the beating of Rihanna a few years ago. Mama says he made one mistake and people just won’t let go, just like her.

“I did Tyra Banks’ show. I did this show and this show. ‘Oh yeah, I just want to apologize,’ and then people still beating on you, and the people that’s involved don’t pretty much come to your rescue or say like ‘You know what? I was young before. I made mistakes. I been through this, and I been through that. That was petty.That was light. It’s over. Leave it alone”

She basically felt as though Jay and Alicia did nothing to defend her after she apolgized.
Lil Mama feels like people should stop using their Twitter fingers and address things in words.

“I just feel like as a community, a lot of people just need to drop the ego and speak up and stop saying stuff behind [the] computer. When you’re in a place of power and you can say something … And it doesn’t have to be circumstantial where you just addressing that person’s situation. You could be addressing it for your children in the future, because you believe your children are going to make mistakes, and you’re going to see what it’s like if they’re not forgiven in the future.”