IFWT_Byron Scott Kobe Bryant

Los Angeles Lakers coach Byron Scott is totally inept and is basically on borrowed time.  Scott often contradicts himself, the only thing that remains constant is his adoration for Kobe Bryant.  The Black Mamba has been struggling with his shot this season but it hasn’t stopped him from taking majority of the attempts on the team.  Scott is counting on Kobe to lead the team’s ball movement efforts, something even Kobe found amusing. At practice Monday, Scott was asked how Kobe’s penchant for isolation hoops was damaging the Lakers ball movement plans; his answer?  Basically Kobe is Kobe which means he can do whatever he wants.

“It could but first of all, he’s had 20 years of experience in this league.  We might not have six players that have 20 years in this league combined.  He has that privilege basically.  From a coaching standpoint, I want Kobe to be Kobe, other guys haven’t earned that right yet.  So when it gets to their hands and it’s sticking and you’re a first, second, or third year player, you haven’t earned that right yet.  We’re going to keep talking about that on the offensive end as far as moving the ball and being a bit more unselfish as a basketball team cause I don’t think we’re doing it maliciously.  I think guys want to win and want to do the right things but they just don’t know how to go about it.”

Around the 1:30 mark.

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