Aaron Hernandez was reportedly caught with a homemade shank in his prison cell today and was promptly moved to solitary confinement. This is the latest episode of him getting into trouble behind bars. When you are doing life in prison, I guess you feel like you have nothing to lose.


Hernandez has already been involved in a couple different scuffles in prison since being arrested and sentenced. Once officials discovered the weapon, Hernandez was removed from the general population at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center (a super max prison) and put in solitary confinement, according to FOX 25 in Boston.

There isn’t much more the state can threaten him with if he keeps getting into trouble. He knows he is never going to be a free man again and with his status of a former NFL star, I wouldn’t be surprised if he keeps drawing attention from other inmates who might want to cause some problems.