Michael Jackson being sleep deprived could a factor in his abrupt death.
Executors of King Of Pop, Michael Jackson’s estate, are now being slapped with a lawsuit for not fulfilling a promise to Jackson’s friend Raju Patel. Sadly, Patel passed away in 2005 to cancer. He was an alleged producer who had a joint film company with Jackson. They called the company “Neverland Entertainment.” He also had a contract that allowed him to create a tribute friend to his legend of a friend, MJ. Patel’s father is still trying to make this happen but the estate executors are not really trying to hear it.

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Sharad Chandra Patel had tried to get started on the film. He attempted to get Jacksons’s music and personal effects but was shot down by the estate executors. The lawsuit says,

“Michael wanted to create a film tribute to the dedicated fans who stood by him during difficult times when many others turned their backs on Michael.Michael trusted his good friend and filmmaker, Raju, to make the film a reality.”

Sharad claims that his son Raju, gave him the right to make the film with Michael Jackson’s estate’s cooperation. Apparently they are not to fond of this idea. Especially, after coming out with a tribute of their own in 2010, “This is it.” Sharad also claims that they took 90% of the profit made off of that film instead of splitting it 50-50, which they had agreed on.

Source: Vibe