HBO has recently released that J.Cole will have a segment on the channel entitled “Forest Hills Drive.” The trailer is now here. This is super exciting, especially for the Cole fans who have missed his most recent shows.

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Cole has had a good year! He had an amazing album “Forest Hills Drive” and also a few dope concerts. Always a good time when Cole is performing. Along with the dope 13-track album, Cole also had the Forrest Hills Drive Tour which ended in North Carolina. HBO kept the ball rolling by getting all 13 tracks on camera. This HBO special is going to make all the Cole fans truly happy. In the trailer Cole says,

“Growing up, it felt like there wasn’t opportunity here.”

This was the same man who stood outside of Jay-Z’s office for hours waiting to give him a copy of his demo. Jay basically shunned Cole. But the opportunity came and knocked on Cole’s door sooner as later as he received a text from Jay-Z’s associate asking if they could meet up for a sit-down meeting. Jay was impressed by Cole’s track “Lights Please.” Cole then became the first artist signed to Roc Nation.

In the trailer, Cole talks about his younger days when he had to build his career from the ground up. The show will air on January 9 at 10pm.

Source: Complex