Could Kendrick Lamar ask for a better year? After being the most nominated artist for the 2016 Grammys, Kendrick continued his run of success by being the grand marshal of the Compton Christmas parade. Also apart of the parade was hometown hero YG. Hit the jump for more.

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Kendrick and YG were both invited by Mayor Aja Brown to ride in the city’s 63rd Annual Christmas Parade, and Kendrick was selected to be the grand marshal. For those who don’t know, the grand marshal of a parade is similar to a headliner of a concert. It is an honorary title given to an individual by the organizing committee of a parade.

Kendrick rode in a nice lowrider, with his girl chilling right next to him. YG rode in a red whip, wearing all red, with his girlfriend and son riding next to him, both rocking Santa gear. Because of the two, the parade had a larger attendance than most Compton parades. I always a great when rappers spread joy within their old communities.

There is a short clip of Kendrick talking to the people, which you can watch below. Also, hit the gallery to see how YG rolled through Compton at the parade.