It’s fun to follow celebrities on Snapchat. You get to see what they do during their busy days. From photo shoots to parties, it’s pretty interesting to get a little inside scoop of their daily lives but I would have to say that DJ Khaled has the most interesting, hilarious and most motivating Snapchatter of all time. From his jet skiing to jet setting this guy never disappoints. Not only does he show off all of his fancy cars and his beautiful lavished Miami home but he loves to tell all his Snapchat viewers about the many keys to success. Check out the rest of this story after the jump.

Instagram | Carli Knox

What Khaled appreciates about Snapchat is how the social network is designed to let you share your real self.

“When you push the button I ain’t got time to act. What is it, 10 seconds? Five seconds? I don’t know how long it is. You push the button and I’m just being me. You can hear it in my voice. You can see it in my eyes. It’s just being me.”

DJ Khaled said in a recent interview.

You may wonder why he chooses to share his life through social media being that most celebs like to keep a low profile and all but Khaled isn’t one of them. He stated that Snapchat is straight up raw.

“Snapchat is not only an amazing invention, but it disappears in 24 hours. So it makes it more interesting what you gonna snap next. So if you follow your best friend or your favorite celebrity it’s kind of like you may not be with them that day, but you’re with them. You know what I mean?”

Yea we most certainly know what you mean DJ Khaled. If you don’t follow him on Snapchat go do it now! He is my most favorite person to follow because he is hilarious and extremely motivating. He always talking about how “they” don’t want you to have this or that but most of us are just trying to figure out who “they” actually is. Thanks DJ Khaled for keeping us entertained and showing us all the keys to success!

Source: Tech Insider