Trevone Boykin’s college career did not end anywhere how he might have expected. Sure all players want to go out winning a national championship but only one team each year can do that. At the very least you want to go out and play great in your final game before you leave for the pros. Unforunately because of a bad decision, Boykin won’t get to do anything like that as he was kicked off the team after breaking team curfew and getting into a fight at a bar with security and then allegedly hit a police officer in the face.


Boykin and TCU were in San Antonio for today’s Alamo Bowl against Oregon. Two nights ago Boykin broke team curfew and went to a bar. He wound up being thrown out by security and in the footage you will see he appears to be cooperating somewhat until one of the security members tries to put him in a choke hold. He immediately turned around and tried to strike the guy and then tried to hit another member of the security team who was standing next to him as well.

Boykin is eventually pushed out of view by his friends but he appears to try and break free and run towards the bar again but this time Police intervene. It is at this time that it looks like Boykin wildly swings his arm and hits an officer in the face but it is not the clearest video.

An official says Boykin gave up after cops threatened to tase him. He was arrested for assaulting a cop, resisting arrest and public intoxication

Real crappy way for the season to end for a player who was considered a Heisman Trophy candidate earlier in the year. For his credit, he has manned up and admitted there was no excuse for his actions and he knows he was wrong even being there in the first place.