Yeahhhhhh, not sure whats going on with people now-a-days but these little love randevu’s are getting a little creepy. Undercover cops have recently busted a 69-year-old man for trying to have sex with a horse.

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69-year-old Michael Crawford, plead guilty as he was arrested on bestiality charges. He has been sentenced to 18 months on probation. The man got caught after he posted an ad on a website stating he was looking for a horse owner who would be willing to let him get busy with their horse. Eww! Police then posed as an owner who was interested in the offer. Sources say,

“Many exchanges graphically detailed what Crawford intended to do once he arrived in Arizona. In an e-mail released by the Sheriff’s Office, Crawford said he was looking forward to the visit and described his desires.”

Crawford actually flew to Phoenix where the undercovers met up with him and took him to a horse trailer. While there they showed him two ponies. He was then arrested on the spot. Crawford, who has admitted to having sex with animals since the 70’s said he had no idea as to why he was being arrested. These people just get weirder and weirder.

Source: Complex