Amir Khan has been lobbying for a fight against Floyd Mayweather for the longest time but Floyd always chooses someone else (Maidana, Pacquiao & Berto) and then he retired.  Well Khan thinks there’s a reason for that; Mayweather is scared.

 Khan — who was in L.A. to see the Danny Garcia fight — tells TMZ Sports Floyd’s been ducking him and it’s all because Mayweather’s afraid of taking his first L.

“It seems to me that Mayweather’s afraid and he might just not ever want to fight me,” Khan said.

“People need to know that he’s avoiding Amir Khan.”

Amir says he’s hoping to fight Garcia next and plans to deliver such an epic beatdown, that Floyd would have no choice but to come out of retirement and prove his mettle.

I’m not sure why Mayweather kept passing over Khan but I HIGHLY doubt it’s because he’s scared, Amir isn’t that great.  But it’s clear why Khan has been lobbying for this fight for so long; everyone knows fighting Mayweather equals a major payday.  Also Khan might really think he can win; well you are supposed to be extremely confident as a boxer.

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