Just last week, comedian and actor Mike Epps revealed he was filing for divorce after ten years of marriage to his wife Mechelle. TMZ recently caught up with Mechelle at LAX and she revealed that the news of the divorce was “shocking” to her.

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According to Mechelle she had always been loyal to Mike and he was out doing her wrong. Mike detailed in the divorce docs that they had been separated since the summer, but according to Mechelle, Mike was the only one separated. She said, “It was shocking to me. I didn’t know we were separated since the summer time, we’ve been doing everything a married couple does until January.”

She continued the news of the divorce became real with she saw her husband with another woman. “I think when I saw him walking down the streets of New York with a “mysterious” girl then that did it…I was being the loyal wife and it threw me for a loop.”

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That poor woman!