Cynthia Bailey’s husband, Peter Thomas is once again in some deep stuff. First it was the cheating allegations, now its an assault charge. What’s going on Peter?

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A customer is accusing Peter of assaulting him at the bar he and his wife Cynthia owns. Peter has been charged with simple assault. A Mecklenburg District Court spokesperson states that Peter will be revving his criminal summons today. The day of the incident, the officers who showed up to the scene reported that there was no sign of assault. However, now Brandon Link, the victim says after speaking with authorities, they have decided to take a deeper look inside the case. A source has told RapRadar,

“Authorities found a compelling enough reason to call Mr. Thomas in for questioning…They want to hear his side of the story and get more answers.”

Lets hope Peter can get out of this one and then sit down somewhere !

Source: TheShadeRoom