Snoop Dogg
Somebody done got Uncle Snoop for his equipment. Snoop was suppose to do a series events all the way up to Superbowl Sunday. His first concert was scheduled for tonight.


Oops… False alarm.. We now learn that Snoop Dogg’s concert equipment is safe and sound. Snoop posted a video in the back of a limo saying that the story of his equipment getting stolen was not true. He is now on his way to his show in San Francisco.

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Police say that someone busted into a SUV and stole a bunch of concert epiupment. The robbers stole laptops, luggage and more equipment that would have been needed for Snoop to perform. The shows Snoop were suppose to do was in San Francisco. He was gonna do shows leading up to Super Bowl. His first show was scheduled for tonight at The Regency Ballroom.

Source: HipHopDX