As we quickly approach Kanye West’s untitled album’s release date February 11th, we know he has been working close by a long list of people including 2 Chainz, Kirk Franklin, Kendrick Lamar and even Andre 3000. But now given an interview with Billboard, r&b star Jeremih might have just made that list as well. Hit the jump.

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During the interview, Jeremih also revealed he’s been writing for Nicki Minaj in addition to Kanye West.

The Chicago MC revealed:

“For the last week we’ve been doing some writing for Nicki, for Kanye. I’m not sure really where he’s at with his album right now, or if he’s actually going to use the work that we’ve done, but if he doesn’t use it, I sure will.”

Then he went on to talk about his latest release, Late Nights: The Album, and it’s planned predecessor Later That Night.

“Late Nights: The Album – I’m glad the world has finally soaked it in, and is marinating in it, but you best believe I have a whole other late night coming for you real soon: Later That Night. I gave them the mixtape, I dropped the album, now I want to give them a complete trilogy of work.”

I would definitely want to hear a Kanye/Jeremih collab soon!