IFWT_Deadpool leak
Everyone that goes to a Marvel movie knows, when those credits come on, don’t move….they’ve adopted a ‘One More Thing’ like Steve Jobs used to do at an Apple event! Well that scene for their upcoming “Deadpool” movie(in theaters this Friday) has hit the net, so maybe you won’t have to wait this time!!

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I’ll tell you something though, I’m such a Marvel fan, I’m gonna sit there anyway, just to make sure…hell I st through regular movies until the end now, just to make sure ?.

That is huge news, Cable…a ‘Future Xmen’, in a Deadpool Movie…with Apocalypse in the X Men movie coming in May….there is a mash up coming…Boy.

On an another note, from the sound of the laughter in the audience that got a preview seemed really happy with the movie…it’s gonna be LIT!!! ???