Lex McAlliser, one participant from season 14 of the show “The Bachelor”, is dead and her family has believed it was a suicide. Rest in peace. Hit the jump.

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Lex was seen on the show with bachelor Jake Pavelka and was eliminated after the first week.

Columbus, Ohio law enforcement reveal they received a call around 2 pm on Saturday. The caller stated Lex texted her earlier that day saying she wanted to “end her life”. The anonymous caller went to check on Lex when she appeared lifeless and overdosing on prescription pills.

She was take to the hospital in stable condition, but her body started to shut down and her family ultimately took her off life support on Tuesday morning. Lex was 31. A member of the family revealed Lex has struggled with depression and bipolar disorder.

Gia Allemand was also a contestant of the show on the same season as Lex. This is where it gets eerie…she also committed suicide in 2013, by hanging herself.