As yet another season of Love & Hip-Hop: New York consumes our Monday night television schedule, we have been introduced to some new talent this season – Ms Moe Money and Sexxy Lexxy from the girl group BBOD straight out of Harlem, NY. Mixing their sassy attitudes and their dope lyrics, these two are definitely a force to be reckoned with.

The two ladies sat down with me to discuss how they got on the show originally, dealing with the new fame, how it goes down in their DM everyday, the rappers who made their top 5 dead or alive lists plus much, much more.

Check out the entire InFlexWeTrust exclusive interview below!

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IFWT: Fans of Love & Hip-Hop: New York tune into you ladies every Monday on VH1 and you truly bring a new element of fun and excitement to the show from both the personal drama to your careers in the music industry. How did you guys originally meet each other?
BBOD: We’ve been friends for years actually because we’re both from Harlem, so we grew up together.

IFWT: How’d you come up with your name BBOD (Bad B*tches On Deck)?
BBOD: It was a thing that guys always called us. We used to be party promoters so guys used to always be like, “Y’all some bad b*tches. You always bring out mad b*tches. You got bad b*tches on deck.” With that being said, we just ran with that.

IFWT: How’d you end up on Love & Hip-Hop: New York?
BBOD: Rashidah Ali brought us on as her artists for New York and then Mo is related to Kirk and Rasheeda from LHH:ATL. They’re cool with Benzino, and we actually used to be signed to Stevie J before the whole Joseline ordeal. He was going to bring us on the first season of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta. He kept telling us, “Are y’all ready to move out here?” We actually stayed out there with them for awhile before coming back to NY, but unfortunately Stevie was just too busy so it didn’t work out because he had the show [LHH:ATL] to deal with. Now that we’re in the same position, we completely understand how time consuming it all can be.

IFWT: How have you been adjusting to the fame? Have people been recognizing you on the streets?
BBOD: Oh please * laughs * ALL OF THE TIME! The opportunity is getting us to places that we would have never been without the show. We now have fans who never heard of us prior to being on VH1. Last year, was anybody talking about BBOD like that? Nope. Now, it’s a different story.

IFWT: What’s the craziest thing that anyone has said to you so far?
BBOD (MOE): They always run up to me and say, “Oh you the crazy one from BBOD from the show! At first, they don’t notice me because I always try to hide by wearing different color wigs. If you see on the show, I have my head shaved. They always just look at me sideways trying to figure out if it’s me or not. Then they’ll turn back around if they see Lexie and be like, “OH – IT IS THEM!”

IFWT: Has it been going down in your DMs lately?
BBOD: The DMs are FLOODED. These people literally have zero chill. Someone hashtagged #BBOD and put their private parts up on their actual page for the world to see. Every time anyone would click on our hashtag, their [you know what] would pop-up. They didn’t even have the decency to send it in a DM! Matter fact, I’m about to show you * laughs *

IFWT: I hope it was nice at least.. LOL!

IFWT: But on a serious note, what do you guys have going on music related as of now?
BBOD: Our single just dropped called “Hell Of A Night” on SoundCloud, and we also dropped a video called “Oh Lord” ft. T Rex. We’re also dropping new music every Monday whether it is a freestyle, an original record or a video.

IFWT: Would you ever think of doing anything outside of the music world?
BBOD: If it makes dollars, it makes sense! We want to get into everything.

IFWT: How is it being on VH1 as far as issues with the cast?
BBOD: You can see some of the issues on the show, but it is real tension. It is what it is but you just have to stay tuned. It’s natural for someone to feel jealous when they see other people doing better than them. Or if they see you on the show more than you and then have their friends in their ear asking, “Why aren’t you on every week?” It eventually can turn into a touchy situation.

IFWT: What’s your top 5 dead or alive?
BBOD (MOE): Jay Z, Meek Mill, Salt N Peppa, MC Lyte & Biggie.
BBOD (LEXIE): Salt N Peppa, Biggie, Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah & Future. Wait, I have to give six – Drake, also!

IFWT: What’s on your current playlist?
BBOD: Desiigner – “Panda.” A lot of people think that it’s Future because he sounds just like him, but he’s not! He’s actually from Brooklyn.

IFWT: What are your future plans?
BBOD: We really want to start a female label along with giving back to our community. We want to hit every single Red Carpet possible along with having shoes, sneakers, hair, perfumes and anything else we can get our hands on. We’re females so we can get everything we want! We already have a hat and tee-shirt line which is available on our website.

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