So before he named his album ‘The Life of Pablo’ Kanye West had a lot of people talking because the album was originally named ‘Waves’. Many people believed that Kanye was paying homage to Max B by doing so but a lot of people thought otherwise and French Montana just set the record straight!

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When Kanye first named his latest album ‘ Waves’ he literally pissed a lot of Max B Fans off because they thought he was trying to be funny maybe? Who knows, but they did not like it!

In a recent interview with Hot 97’s Ebro and Peter Rosenberg French Montana talked about his new music and actually revealed something interesting about the relationship between Kanye and Max B…. There isn’t one. French said when he spoke to Max B about Kanye’s album title that he was happy and appreciated it. French then states when him and Kanye talked about it he says that Kanye stated he really didn’t know who Max B was…. Which French said was kind of strange to him but explains

“once I gave him the homework behind everything, you know, we got it together.”

Check out the rest of the interview down below!