Folks, it is official – Farrah Abraham has LOST HER ENTIRE MIND!

The Teen Mom star got into it with a producer of the MTV show, shoving him and calling him every curse word in the book.

The real reason she lashed out like that was because she wanted to be on a therapy show with her mom, but it conflicted with her current involvement on Teen Mom OG. When the producers and camera crew tried to get into her home, she lashed out on them and refused to let anyone enter.

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“You know what’s so fu*king laughable right now?” Farrah said. “Larry, I’m laughing. I would love to not laugh in your face. Why are you so white trash? Are you around people all the time who are trash, and you need to keep arguing with me?” She then went on to call him a “dumb mother f*cker” and a bunch of other horrible, condescending names.

See the video footage below. She’s a hot mess!